The Dungeon Store featured on The Weekly Hot Spot Podcast

This week, Brittany Wilson, our sales and marketing director is talking with Mistress Olivia and Ms. Erika on The Weekly Hot Spot Podcast.

These women are active in the BDSM and fetish scene. They talk about a variety of adult topics and interview guests to discuss sissification, power exchange, Femdom, edging, clubs, and life in the dungeon.

Wilson will be on air for two episodes, starting with the magic side of kink and highlighting our latest occult books and oracle cards. Then she'll have a half hour episode with Olivia and Erika on violet wands and electric stimulation for long distance play.

We'll have links of the new episodes soon. But you can start listening to The Hot Spot Podcast shows with guests like Jane Boon, Coralyn Jewel, and Mistress Mia Darque. Listen in now at

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