Prosthetics for When You Do the Packing, but the Shipping and Handling is Extra

We've seen a variety of below the belt devices for our friends in the Lesbian and Transgender community. Some have been fairly basic, others are downright odd. But recently, we've been in touch with Emisil, who make a variety of realistic prosthetics.
Emisil isn't about simple strap ons. While they include a prosthesis that can be used for penetration, most of their products are lifelike and geared to pass in public. There's the soft and flaccid models for packing, and they have a model that allows for peeing while standing up.
Each of these are hand crafted, with customizing for skin color and hair color. The process takes about two weeks before shipping out. But Emisil is more than just about the D, as they offer underwear just for packing, adhesives, and customizing for skin color and hair color.
And while there are some high end prosthetics costing over $500, others don't cost an arm and a leg, with prices under $100. 
The web site is handy too, allowing you to shop by size, skin color, hair color, and price.
Visit for more on the product that just can't wait to get into your pants.

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