Lelo Does it Again!

We love sex education. And Lelo blew our minds recently with an in depth article on male orgasms, written by Katy Thorn.

Thorn details frequency, occurrence, influence on sexual esteem, sexual dysfunction, and the relations of testosterone levels and sexual orientation.

"By examining the relationship between testosterone levels, sexual dysfunction, and male infertility," Thorn explains, "We aim to provide a comprehensive overview of male sexual health, highlighting the importance of continued research and education in this field."

For example, Thorn cites studies that examine the orgasm occurrence in straight, gay, and bisexual males, and contrasts are not as significant as one might think.

"Contrary to what one might expect," notes Thorn, "Sexual orientation does not drastically impact the likelihood of experiencing an orgasm for men. These findings imply that factors beyond sexual orientation contribute to the orgasmic experiences of men."

The orgasm of one's partner also impacts the overall satisfaction of a male's sexual performance, and is a part of the individual's sexual self esteem.

Lelo's article points out that orgasmic dysfunction is common across gender and preference, and likewise will impact esteem, along with overall psychological health. Among recommendations are diversity in practices and activities in the boudoir for increasing occurrence and satisfaction.

"They suggest that expanding the repertoire of sexual activities can be beneficial in promoting more equitable and satisfying sexual experiences, underscoring the value of sexual exploration and communication between partners," advises Thorn.

For the full article by Katy Thorn, including research links, visit the Lelo Blog at
https://www.lelo.com/blog/landscape-of-male-orgasms and expand your sexual landscape.


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