There's a Baby in My Bed by Rosalie Bent Author

There's a baby in my bed!: Learning to live happily with the Adult Baby in your relationship

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Is your partner an Adult Baby? Do you find diapers hidden in odd places and don’t know why? Does your spouse want to play with children’s toys or dress in baby clothes? These and other such questions are all answered in Rosalie Bent’s breakthrough book: There’s a baby in my bed! Seeking to help partners understand the confusing and often incomprehensible behaviour of a regressive adult, Ms Bent takes the reader on a journey of discovery through the inner workings and outer expressions of the 21st century’s most unusual and secretive inhabitant: the Adult Baby. Each chapter unfolds a new aspect on infantile regression. Offering more than facts and figures, this book lays out a pathway for developing the most unique relationship that any couple can have – the ‘Parent/Child Relationship’. Come on the journey with Ms Bent and discover for yourself how to handle the baby in your bed!

About the Author

Rosalie Bent is an Australian post-graduate level trainer and communicator who has been happily married for almost 40 years to a regressive Adult Baby. With tertiary training in both Mathematics and Psychology, she has learned over the years to understand the unique inner workings of the Adult Baby mind and has combined her experience and the knowledge of others to produce this book: a primer on making relationships work with the ‘adult/child’. The mother of four adult children, both her and her husband work as professional trainers and consultants. Rosalie is an avid reader and also a writer of children’s and adult’s novels.




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