How to Capture a Mistress

How to Capture a Mistress

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How to Capture a Mistress is a light-hearted, but aggressive approach, to mining that rare jewel, a Dominant Lady of quality, and figuring out what to do once you’ve found her. It will take time and dedication, but those special ladies are waiting to treasure, lead, play and discipline as necessary.
This book is written for submissive men who are having trouble figuring out how to find a dominant female who is not simply a bitch. An entire plan of action is spelled out .How to Capture a Mistress addresses such topics as:  
  • Basics of Kinky Play
  • Basics of playing with Power
  • Dispelling myths about a Mistress
  • Getting along with a Mistress
  • Retooling your skills
  • Recognizing when she isn’t the Mistress for you
  • Edging above the competition
  • Petitions, contracts and collars
  • And much more...

Author: Karen Martin


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