Contemporary Witch: Spells and Rituals

Contemporary Witch: Spells and Rituals

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Bring Your Witchcraft to the Next Level!

Are you looking to advance your witch practice to an intermediate level and would you like a thorough explanation of the different types of witches and where their magic overlaps? Whether your a new witch , green witch, water witch, cottage witch, or a combination of many, The Contemporary Witch is your go-to source to understand the nuances of each. Join authors Ambrosia Hawthron and Sarah Justice. from Witchology Magazine as they share their comprehensive knowledge about the tenets and traditions of the main branches of witchcraft. Afterward, twelve focused pathways are thoroughly detailed to explore and fine-tune your preferred trajectory. Complete with spells, rituals, and tools, take your witchcraft to the next stage. where countless possibilities. 


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