Casting Lots: Ancient Hebrew Divination Magic by Elisheva Nesher

Casting Lots: Ancient Hebrew Divination Magic

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Lots are an ancient Hebrew form of divination and magic that may also be used for healing, blessing, cursing, meditation, and spiritual interaction. A set of lots contains 22 small discs, each one bearing one of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In a manner similar to runes, these lots are then cast and interpreted. Though lots were once so common that explanations of how to cast them were unnecessary, over the centuries their methods and uses fell into obscurity. In this practical guide, Elisheva Nesher has reconstructed the ancient art of lot casting for modern times.

There are explanations for each of the 22 and their meanings, both mystical and mundane. It also includes detailed instructions on how to cast, as well as craft your own set of lots. In addition to divination, it explores the magical gifts of the lots as well as how to use them to contact and interact with the Hebrew spirits, such as Asherah. A brief guide is included for those unfamiliar with these spirits.


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