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The idea of humans taking on the persona of animals for rituals and for pleasure dates back thousands of years. There are many subcultures in the world today that have been enjoying taking on the persona of human pets for decades in this country, just behind the scenes of what society accepts.

In the past 10-15 years, there has been a human-puppy revolution happening. While it was first overtly noticeable in the deeply sexual, gay leather community, people from every walk of life are deriving pleasure from letting go of the cares of this world and taking on the care-free persona of an animal. Within the past several years, the concept has even made its way into prime-time TV, although generally with a negative connotation.

This book takes an in-depth look at the human puppy movement over the past decade. After a cursory look at history, the author defines the movement as it is happening today, and offers observations and advice to those who are learning what human pup play is all about. Included in the discussed topics are pup roles, mosh etiquette, leather relationships, and puppy competitions. A unique characteristic of this book is that the author also takes time to delve into the art of handling the human pet; giving advice and tips for those who are not human pets, but love them. A lengthy section is devoted to the role of the Trainer/Handler and how they relate to the puppies in social settings, group interactions, and training situations.


Author: Justin St. Clair

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