Bootblacking 101: A Handbook, Author: Andrew McDiarmid

Bootblacking 101

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"Bootblacking 101: A Handbook" by Andrew McDiarmid is something that you would have expected to see multiple volumes on the topic. After all, you see bootblacks at almost every fetish event. The bootblack room-as-fundraiser is now standard for most contests, especially at International Mr. Leather.

It is McDiarmid's experiences as he learns his craft and enters the arena of competitive bootblacking that set the tone of "Bootblacking 101." While the autobiographical final chapter deals just as much with preparedness and the rules of most contests, the description of the event is an informative

Be that as it may, "Bootblacking 101" covers the ground you really need to know. If you want to get in on the beginner's level, the first third of the book details "The Basic Bootshine." For bootblacks on a budget, there is a boot-kit that you can put together for about twenty bucks.

Author: Andrew McDiarmid

Drew travels around the country to leather events showing the joys of bootblacking. He has shined boots from Folsom Street Fair in Califoria, to Chicago’s IML weekend and to the sunny shores of Florida.

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