Maple Wooden Paddle

Maple Wooden Paddle

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Looking for a unique addition to your implement collection? A piece that's perfectly balanced for light or hard play? Great for experienced spanking enthusiasts and beginners alike? Check out our paddles! Our woods deliver a bright smack with a thuddy afterburn that we have found dissipates fairly quickly if space is allowed between smacks. We find the sensation akin to fireworks!

Our paddles are sanded to silkiness, including the smoothly beveled edges that make this piece a delight to hold as well as a delight to swing! Our paddles  deliver an ever so  satisfying pop even with light strokes. Many are suitable for OTK, as well as satisfying size for standing positions. We think this is a truly versatile, right for everybody paddle in a beautiful hardwood you won't often find.

This 17" maple paddle has a walnut accent across it's 5.5" width for a flair of styleband surface area curb appeal. It includes a safety wrist strap and all the fun a Butt of Steel could ask for!

ONLY for use between consenting adults

Proudly Made in the USA 🇺🇸 

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