COVID - 19 Face Masks
Cloth Face Mask
Cloth Face Mask

Cloth Face Mask

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One of our makers has switched production to cloth masks!

For every two sold the maker will be donating 1 free of charge to healthcare workers and front line responders.

"Selecting donate " will have  2 masks sent to a medical facility  in need on your behalf.

These face masks are made from 3 layers of woven cotton fabric and intended to be used with a filter or an additional layer of cotton. They have a nose piece and tie straps to allow a custom fit, they can be used as is or modified to elastic with hair bands if desired.

Face masks are triple layer cotton with a filter pocket, while not as effective as N95's we've spoken to several hospitals as well as the CDC regarding our construction. 

Currently, we are recommending two for each person, one to wear and one to wash. Hepa filters are NOT included.  Good sources maybe found from air filters and hepa vacuum bags.
Thank you for your support and stay safe!

At this time your choice of style is limited to "Plain" or "Pattern"  we hope you understand.