Dungeon Store Puppy Play Kit with Hood, Mitts, Tail, Leash & Carrying Case

Basic Puppy Play Kit

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This 5 piece kit allows you to make a pup out of your sub; freeing their inner animal and letting them immerse themselves fully in the role. The all black mask helps reinforce the dog aspect of the play reminding them to “speak” only when you command it. Included leash  is perfect for making sure your pup does not wander too and lets the world know who the owner is. Finally a floppy tail butt plug lets them express how happy they are as they wag back and forth with each movement. All items come in a sturdy backpack for ease of storage and carrying to your favorite puppy park for a romp!  (Backpack, Puppy Hood, Silicone Puppy Tail, Locking Mitts, Leash)

Sold only as an adult novelty Due to the nature of this product, no returns allowed if packaging is unsealed. Item is for use by consenting adults only as Novelty Items, Fashion Accessories, or Sexual Toys. We assume no responsibility for Unsafe, Improper, or Illegal use of these items. Please be Safe, Consensual, and always use Common Sense!