The Witch's Apothecary: How to make magical potions for the wheel of the year by Lorriane Anderson

The Witch's Apothecary

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Rituals and recipes to help you embrace daily magic and sacred living through apothecary blending with herbs, oils, fragrances and crystals. bestselling co-author of the seasons of the witch oracle series has created a practical guide for beginning and advanced witches to unlock the great powers of making your own apothecary blends. Learn to craft magical blends that carefully follow the wheel of the year. Imagine creating your own candle to improve and appreciate abundance in your life. Or creating an incense to clear blocks in your life to love. Learn about the various ingredients, practices, and exercises needed to begin your magical journey and start your own witchy apothecary. You will also find a selection of over 100 recipes associated with each of the sabbats in the wheel of the year, and instructions on how to deepen your connection with nature through these seasonal cycles.

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