PEB: Protocols edited by Dr. Robert Rubel

PEB: Resource Series - Protocols: A Variety of Views

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Not all Families use protocols. Those that do use protocols in their relationship range from using only a few protocols to having an extensive Protocol Manual written out for the slave’s use. Those who use common Leather protocols may use them slightly differently, based on the part of the country in which they live. One often hears about “East Coast versus West Coast” styles of protocols. Also, many Masters or Doms make up their own protocols as befits that particular relationship. All this is good. This issue contains articles from Masters and slaves that represent divergent views. More importantly, many of these articles discuss the philosophical basis for the way protocols have developed within their Families. The reason that protocols vary so much between Families is that protocols serve a few important aspects of a power exchange or authority exchange relationship.  This collection of essays may help better inform your thinking about the reasons to have protocols.

Issue Editor: Dr. Robert Rubel

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