Order for Disipline & Service Handbook

Order For Discipline and Service Handbook

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The Order for Discipline and Service (ODS) was a group of individuals who find personal fulfillment in the hierarchy and structure of consensual Master/slave relationships. ODS was a structured and disciplined body that lives according to rule. Master Jack McG was the founder and commander of ODS.

This book represents the results of years of his study and effort into ways to create a sustainable and fulfilling Master/slave household. He was passionate and enthusiastic about sharing with the community elements of this lifestyle that worked for his household, as well as learning from others knowledge that would benefit his own home. This limited edition publication represents the fruits of those labors.

If you are currently living as Master and slave or even considering setting up an M/s household, you’ll find guidance and inspiration in this resource. From the practical to the philosophical, a wide range of topics are covered here that will help you devise a path that is right for you.

Author: Order For Discipline and Service

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