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Bear Pride Leather Flogger

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Show Your Bear Pride with this flogger!  Long top grain leather flogger has 30  tails to cover a bigger surface area with every swing. The added tails can make each swing slightly more intense for a sharper sting from heavier hits.

Gently use the flogger to tickle and tease just like a feather tickler.  Or treat your partner to a session of flogging, for adventurous bedroom play.

Key Features:

  • Made of top grain leather for a  flogger suitable for all level of players.
  • Durable 9" braided handle offers superb grip topped with leather turks head knot
  • 30 Leather tails for wide coverage
  • Wrist strap offers easier use hanging . 
Sold only as an adult novelty Due to the nature of this product, no returns allowed if packaging is unsealed. Item is for use by consenting adults only as Novelty Items, Fashion Accessories, or Sexual Toys. We assume no responsibility for Unsafe, Improper, or Illegal use of these items. Please be Safe, Consensual, and always use Common Sense!
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