Forever Leather Roses
Leather Roses
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Forever Leather Roses

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Collect a bouquet of these handcrafted leather roses.  Just as in nature, each one is unique!  Each rose comes on a green leather wrapped 26" cane and is topped with an ever blooming approx 3" Leather Rose.  Can certainly be used as an impact toy with the Rose providing a wonderful thuddy sensation.  OR gift a forever Leather Rose to that special someone.  A Rose that will never fade - and always remind them of you!

Allow us to select the perfect one for you.  Selections and colors are always changing.OR note your color preference in the notes of the shopping cart and we will do our best to comply.  We always have Black Roses in stock!

Made in the USA   Sold as an Adult Novelty Only

Sold only as an adult novelty Due to the nature of this product, no returns allowed if packaging is unsealed. Item is for use by consenting adults only as Novelty Items, Fashion Accessories, or Sexual Toys. We assume no responsibility for Unsafe, Improper, or Illegal use of these items. Please be Safe, Consensual, and always use Common Sense!
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